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Metrala is passionate about getting the right fit for you organisation. Although many organisations recruit people as individuals, most of their work is done in teams. In many groups, people have a variety of roles; yet often there is an immediate expectation that a ‘team’ will somehow naturally occur. And, to make things more difficult still, everyone has to be prepared to represent the team, both internally and externally, and to speak with its united voice. A very tall order indeed. It is important to begin to examine how an individual’s analysis can help to make better use of their personal skills, make better quality decisions, get more enjoyment from their activities – and maybe even have fun!

People are usually chosen to join a group on the basis of their functional skills and expertise. However, the individual’s personality is equally important since this will determine how well s/he fits in to the group. Sometimes teams are configured for specific projects and it is likely that individuals will be members of different teams at different times; indeed, many people are concurrently a member of several teams, sometimes fulfilling different roles in each.

Creating a successful team is not merely a question of finding people with the relevant experience; there must also be a balanced mix of personalities and team skills. Characteristics that would be incompatible in a single individual can combine well in a group: drive, prudence, enthusiasm, understanding, opportunism and reliability are all needed. It is certainly true that each of us has strengths and weaknesses – and this means that we can only play certain roles effectively. This is not a negative when seen in the context of a team. No one of us is perfect; but a team of people, whose strengths and talents complement each other, can be.

Different team skills are equally useful to a group. Different people bring different talents to group activities and projects. Some people are good at generating ideas, others have the drive and doggedness to make things happen, whilst others possess the social and managerial skills to lead the team – or ensure that it sticks together, especially during rough times. To be really successful, a team needs a balanced mix of people whose skills and personalities match, meld and mesh. The Team-Fit™ analysis, based on earlier work by Dr. Meredith Belbin, will help to clarify organisational roles. It will identify people’s most effective and secondary role/s and assess the balance of the existing or proposed organisational structure. It can also help to identify any roles that are missing, over-represented or particularly appropriate to different aspects of the organisation’s activities. We can administer these analyses on candidates joining your team and the teams themselves to find that perfect fit.